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Мотив Iconoclasm, артист Irkallian Oracle.

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Артист: Irkallian Oracle

Название музыкального произведения: Iconoclasm

Длина файла: 12:47

Дата добавления: 2015-02-19

Просмотров текста: 725

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The angels all drowned in lamenting flesh
Infinity choked beneath a human face
And the word of god is froth from putrid lips
Crucified to dull hopes and faiths

Their truths all borne of careless winds
Prayers echo against temple walls
… While the shriek of Aeons cracks the pillars
And blind Samson topple Heaven’s arch

See Eschaton’s molested cunt unfold
Icons vomit seas of curdled blood
And Christ descends in feverish rapture
Mantis-faced and reeking of insane love

His tongue crushes the horizon line
Fingers distort their sidereal march
Gaping mouths filled with burning seed
A Wisdom too swift for Reason’s claws

O Messiah that lurks between each heartbeat
The laws of clay rewritten in flames
The Key crushes the locks they crafted
As countless worlds chants your name:

The Kingdom shall come as a thief at night
To rob us off formation’s sleep
With a Light that no eyelid was made to block
Like eardrums that burst a great lengths ‘neath the sea

Come! Come!
The cracked bells of Ratio have all rung
Come! Come!
Savior of a Secret Sun
Come! Come!
Exclaim the Truth that we all shun
Come! Come!
Christi vel Abaddon…

Irkallian Oracle - Iconoclasm
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