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Мотив Training Day Prod By Redlight X Vox, артист Kicka.

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Артист: Kicka

Название музыкального произведения: Training Day (Prod By Redlight X Vox)

Длина файла: 02:49

Дата добавления: 2015-02-23

Просмотров текста: 438

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Kicka - Training Day (Lyrics).

you know im down for whatever nigga if that cake money comes quicker
put a heat then i light it tell em bitch now you got it
i'm flexing on er-thing i be sleeping on ya niggas
hold back no hold on i got hold front no front

bitch please,
no selfies no pictures no iPhone
no iPad no ringtone im nervous,
ya talking instagram i wanna kickagram
stay grinding i go hard, i push that no kilos
stay off my business ya mo'fuckers don't know me
weak feelings ya got that mehn ya know ya better go save it
i go hard on er-song ya niggas better be ready
shout out Red Light, beat killer lights out

hoes upon hoes, we fucking
bottles after bottles, we drinking
high getting high, we smoking
practice got perfect, been working

ripping the game like im getting insane
doing this shit like is never again
yeah i be back if im down in the game
and i promise i keep it i do it im ready
pick up the pants don't be acting so dummy
oh ya be hungry ya looking so yummy
now ya gon think i be ripping Versace
hold on my drink ima do it again

damn nigga, i can see the envy now nigga
if ever i fall men i gon be back sooner
the deal ain't ready but i sign nigga, sign nigga
she likes me i know that so whats up i gon hit it
spread out my babies mehn all over her face
yo cheap and ya know it so ya shut the fuck up ya lazy
we outchea see us, real time illess



Been working
Been working.

Kicka - Training Day (Prod By Redlight and Vox) 2014
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